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Continental 4X4 Contact Tyres

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Continental 4x4 Contact for SUVs & Light Truck

Continental 4x4 Contact is a versatile tyre fitting SUV all season light trucks and SUVs. It performs well in all weather conditions alike. It can handle light snow and wet road. Technology used in it intends to make it perform in all type of temperatures around the year.

Continentals is a tyre manufacturing company that has a remarkable history in supplying quality performance and supreme safety. Continental 4X4 contact tyres are summer tyres. These tyres give excellent comfortable ride, these tyres are specially designed for 4 wheel drive vehicles.

Continental 4X4 contact has wide longitudinal grooves which protect against aquaplaning (water act as a greasy layer which reduces traction and may be dangerous. These tyres have wide longitudinal grooves that increases the durability of these tyres and provides strength to these tyres.

Continental 4X4 contact also have multiple sipes which increased the surface area to have maximum adhesion on unpaved, gravel, rough roads as well as paved, smooth and comfortable roads. High sipes density has also provided additional grip on gravel surfaces. Wide central rib of these tyres provide on road, smooth and relaxing drive.

Continental 4X4 contact has less rolling friction (resistance offered by the tyre to move along the surface) that is why they have less noise which is barely audible and can be managed over course of time. Lesser rolling friction also reduces the fuel consumption of these tyres as well as also reduce the combustion of tyres which produces less carbon dioxide and is eco-friendly. These tyres serves as all-season tyres due to their remarkable grip and comfort level. Twin steel belts in tyre’s internal structure along with spirally wound joint-less nylon enhances the durability of tyres at high speed and help the tyre to accelerate well and uniformly on all types of surfaces. These tyres have good wet traction so they can also be used in light snow but with greater care. The durability and tread loss depends upon the surface on which tyres are used. These tyres are comfortable but the wear rate of these tyres is greater that’s why they do not have a long life span.

Continental 4X4 contact do not have deep snow traction but they have some traction and gripping for mud. Remarkable and unique tread pattern of these tyres provide good cornering and excellent stability to the tyre while accelerating. Short distance and emergency braking even on high speed made them safe to be used and gives a sense of stability to the driver.

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