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Chopper tyre

Chopper tyres come in a wide range of sizes with the varying tread pattern. In comparison to standard motorcycle tyres, chopper tyres have a very large choice of selection. This is because of the availability of custom built tyres and rims. The custom tyres can be to enhance performance, meet the size criteria, or simply to look appealing.

Cruiser tyres have more set parameters of dimensions and can function in a larger range of conditions. Chopper tyres are designed to be used on the road and dirt; cruiser tyres can be used in a border range of situations.

Choppers have low to medium ground clearance. Combined with the construction of the body they are better suited for use on the road. To improve that function the tyres are designed to divide the weight so the center of gravity is right below the rider, in doing so the chopper can be taken to higher speeds.

Where to Buy Tyres?

Tyres for chopper would be found in a motorcycle tyre shop. Tyre shops provide you with a one-stop solution, and some places offer a discount for handing in the old tyres. The other thing to consider is that you can make a better buy for your bike by consulting the people that run the place.

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