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Truck Winter Tires

During the winter months, when the streets are covered with snow, it can be extremely difficult to maneuver vehicles. Vehicles must be often driven with much more caution. Truck drivers are also faced with difficulties. Large and extremely heavy trucks are sometimes difficult to control – even during the warm season. If you add rain, snow, or frost (winter road conditions), the chances of a collision increase substantially. This can be detrimental to the safety of all those involved. The risk of a collision is also high when trucks are equipped with normal tires during winter months. Most renowned tire manufacturer like Pirelli or Nokian have long recognized this fact. They have therefore opted to systematically design and manufacture winter tires for trucks. On icy and snowy roads, these winter tires are much safer than normal tires . The risk of collisions is significantly reduced and the safety of drivers, passengers, and other road users is increased.

Why truck winter tires are important

Nowadays, winter tires for trucks are indispensable. On German and European roads, the amount of freight traffic continues to increase. Because of this, the number of collisions caused by skidding trucks has increased – especially during the winter months. To prevent such devastating collisions, many truck drivers have opted to equip their vehicles with winter tires. Such tires can be purchased at a reasonable price – there is even a large market for used tires. Legal stipulations also help the situation: Since winter tires have been mandatory, the number of collisions has decreased dramatically. Trucks are much safer when they are equipped with winter tires. The special feature of such tires is the tread . Because of the special tread, winter tires afford the maximum traction on icy and snowy roads. Unlike a car tires, winter tires for trucks are made of a harder rubber. This is due to the higher loads that the tires are exposed to. When it comes to adhesion, the tread plays a major role.

Which manufacturers offer winter tires for trucks?

Meanwhile, winter tires for trucks have become an integral part of the range of many tire manufacturers. Yokohama is one of them. There are three different truck winter tires. TY287,, SY397, and 901ZS are the best selling winter tires for trucks. They have an optimal tread for the drive axle and ensure that the truck continues to function properly during the cold winter months. Another manufacturer of winter tires for trucks is Goodyear. They also rely on the latest technologies. All tires are tested on various vehicles before they go into production.

When trucks are equipped with good winter tires, the risk of collisions decreases. Many manufacturers ofter a large selection of models at reasonable prices. You will certainly not regret equipping your truck with winter tires.


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