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Winter tyres

Winter tyres come in two versions. One can be studded, and the other is non-stud able. Studs help to dig into the snow and push the car forward. The use of studs reduce chances of the car sinking in the snow. While on thin ice it can increase the chances of the ice sheet breaking.

Winter car tyres are wider than normal car tyres. The increased surface area means the tyre applies less pressure onto the road surface. The wider grip means better traction as there is more contact between the road and the tyre. Winter tyres are stiffer than regular tyres as well. The reason is, so the rubber expands and contracts less. If the temperature isn’t maintained the tyre can start cracking and pose the threat of a blowout.

Best Winter Tyres

The best winter tyres for you depends on the condition the car is going to be driven in. Within winter tyres the division is between snow, winter, and ice tyres. Snow tyres are made to work in cold and damp conditions. The rating of the tyre makes it approved for use in light or heavy snow – the best snow tyres can work in both. Simple winter tyres are designed to maintain tyre temperature to ensure a secure grip. Ice tyres most of the times come with studs. The studs help to grip the ice, and the rubber is a bit softer. The softness in the rubber allows it to spread over a larger area.


The winter tyres price is subject to the product being bought. The tyres you wish to purchase will decide how much you will pay, but a little research can help you find a better deal, price, or tyre.

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