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Truck tyres

Truck tyres share a similarity to motorcycle tyres. The similarity is the tyre width. Just like on the front of the motorcycle a truck will have a slightly narrower wheel. At the back will be a wider and in the case of a truck two wider tyres.

Truck tyres are designed to lift and carry heavy loads. The tyre should be able to work under immense pressure while providing safety to the driver and the vehicles all around. This makes the tyres bad at shifting lanes at high speeds. The truck’s high center of gravity doesn’t help either.

The design of the tyre uses a very thick side wall. The side wall is there to protect the rim and keep the weight of the truck centered. The spine of the tyre is very stiff, so bumps and jerks aren’t transferred to the truck. A bump can cause a truck to rock up and down which can cause the wheel to compress.

The spine is usually reinforced with steel bands. Just like the spine, the bands allow the wheel a little more flexibility while maintaining the shape of the tyre.

Where to Buy Truck and Lorry Tyres?

Unlike car tyres, you can’t simply show up with a truck to the first tyre shop you see. Trucks have their own tyre shops which are the best option for buying tyres. Truck tyres require specific pressure to be maintained and proper inspection to prolong its lifespan.

Tyre Price

Truck tyre price and lorry tyre price both depend on the make and model of the tyre you want to buy. The price for the front and rear tyres is different as both perform a different function, one requiring more work to be produced than the other.

Best Truck Tyres

The best truck tyres for you depend on the tyre usage. The thing to keep in mind is where the truck is going to go and buying tyres accordingly. There is no point to having snow tyres if you work in an area that hasn’t seen snow in decades.

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