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4x4 tyres

4x4 tyres cover a broad range of vehicles. From suvs, light pickups, heavy pickups, vans, lorries, and even light trucks. These tyres are designed to divide large weight evenly while providing a grip that makes it safe for use.

The safety requirement for these tyres is greater. The reason being that since these tyres have to traverse very harsh terrains, supporting a heavyweight the risk of accidents is higher. Off the road, the risk factor increases even more.

To make a tyre worthy for the 4 x 4 badge, the focus is placed on the following components:

  • Sidewalls

Wide and thick sidewalls protect the rim from damage and reduce side to side sway. The sidewall design reduces the risk of misbalance. The wider the side wall, the more power the wheel is able to transmit on lower rpms. Mud crossing is easier with fatter tyres as they are less prone to spinning.

  • Tread

The tread pattern is made after considering the conditions of operation of the tyre. Heavy tread allows for more area to grip. A deep sipe system means better water repulsion from under the tyre. Both these things are to help the tyre grip well.

  • Spine

On different tyres, the spine will be different. For highway use, tyres will have two or three grooved spines. These improve the ride comfort and reduce road noise. On 4 x 4 tyres, there is a central spine which can be different in width. This spine has a slightly more flexibility and when combined with the rubber layering has a better cushioning effect.

  • Firmness

Off road tyres have three degrees of firmness soft, medium, and hard. The soft tyres are suited for use on sand and dirt as the larger area makes the car apply less pressure to the ground. The medium tyres are suited for use on and off the road. The hard tyres are for use with the rough rocky terrain. The thickness makes these tyres less likely to puncture.

Selecting A Tyre

Think of what you need it for. The best suv tyres for example on a truck that’s used on and off the road would be a combination of low tread wear, large sipe system, medium firmness, and two or three grooved spines.


Cheap 4x4 tyres can be found easily online by comparison of different products. Many online websites give you a comparison on 4x4 tyre prices. Some websites give many products under a single search making it easy to compare 4x4 tyres online.

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