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Motorcycle tyres

Motorcycle tyres differ from car tyres only in size. The function of the tyres is the same to keep you glued to the road. Most major car tyre manufacturers are also producing motorcycle tyres. At the same time, there are companies that solely rely on motorcycles as a source of revenue. Motorcycle tyres are available as after-market kits as well. These kits perform a more aesthetic function normally encased in a custom cut tread pattern. These tyres should and do meet safety standards.

Motorcycles are a huge industry on its own, and with such a large scale consumer base there are events and competitions centred on the machine. The tyres, therefore, undergo a lot of development. Tyres for motorcycles can be terrain specific, condition-specific, performance specific, lifespan centered, or safety centered as well.

Best motorcycles tyres generally will have a narrower front rim with respect to the rear rim. The difference is because the front tyre is tasked with steering the bike while the rear tyre transmits the power. The width difference gives the rear tyre more road surface to grip. The front tyre’s narrower width makes it well suited for turning.

Motorcycle Tyre Price

The price on a new set of tyres depends on the make and model of the tyre. Motorcycle tyre sizes can be different on a single bike, but that doesn’t mean you have to get a mix and match set. The rim size does factor the most when it comes to cost. Within the different sizes of the same tyre the price can vary greatly – maybe the rim size you have is not that common, which means more expensive tyres.

Buying Motorcycle Tyres

Motorcycle tyres can be bought online. If you choose to buy motorcycle tyres online, it makes price comparison easier as some sites offer multiple products under a single keyword search. Also, form the comfort of your home you can find the nearest retailer.

The second option is to go to a motorcycle tyre store. The large retail store also carries tyres, but then you will have to get them swapped somewhere else. Going to a tyre shop lets, you get a second and sometimes more informed opinion about your tyre choice.

The Best Motorcycle Tyre

There is no such thing as the perfect tyre. Not only because of technological restriction but more need based. The choice of tyre depends on the condition and environment of use. The best price for motorcycle tyres depends on what you need. A snow tyre won’t give you the best grip on dirt, and some models are not suited for highway use.

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