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Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 Tyres

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Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 Tyre

The Goodyear Eagle F1 asymmetric 3 is a high performance automobile tyre developed to deliver shorter braking distances and reliable handling. Goodyear have created the Eagle F1 asymmetric 3 tyre with their distinctive New Grip Booster tread compound - this uses adhesive resins among the compound combine to deliver extra grip. improving braking and handling capabilities

The use of Goodyear's Active Braking Technology within the Eagle F1 asymmetric 3 ensures that once braking the contact surface between the tyre and road increases - greatly enhancing the braking performance and delivery short braking distances on each wet and dry road surfaces.

Your best choice for Jaguar

The Eagle F1 asymmetric 3 SUV is an Ultra-High-Performance tyre specifically developed for SUVs, and is that the latest model within the Goodyear Eagle F1 asymmetric vary. It focuses on optimized braking and handling in all conditions.

The Eagle F1 asymmetric SUV AT is a more off-road adjusted version of the Eagle F1 asymmetric 3 SUV. The tyre is specifically designed for Jaguar and required wider grooves for increased grip in off-road conditions.

“Designing and engineering original equipment for brand new Jaguar Land Rover models shows once more Goodyear’s capability to know and implement the necessities of premium vehicle makers,” said Nick Harley, Goodyear’s director OE client EMEA. “The E-PACE is that the latest of Jaguar premium SUV to be equipped by Goodyear, showing that this lasting provide continues to deliver new productive solutions. Goodyear will continue to deliver the ultimate driving expertise, providing Jaguar drivers with performance, comfort and safety in all conditions”.

Technical specifications

Steering preciseness and durability. New strengthened Construction Technology delivers a stronger light-weight construction rising handling, cornering performance, tread wear and fuel potency.

  • Grip for braking and handling. The New Grip Booster compound used for the Eagle F1 asymmetric 3, is created with adhesive resin to extend stickiness with the surface. This delivers higher grip for braking and handling on wet and dry roads
  • Shorter braking distance on wet & dry roads. With Active Braking Technology, the contact surface and grip will increase once braking. This inflated contact with the ground provides you with shorter braking distances on wet and dry roads
  • Reliable summer handling . A hard-working tyre with a summer tread pattern that ensures sensible handling on dry and wet roads.
  • Suitable for all axles. Designed for use on all axles of light business vehicles and vans.
  • High mileage. durable construction for prolonged tyre life

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