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Nexen Tyres

Nexen tyres is a South Korean tyre manufacturer. They make tyres for cars, vans, light trucks, and tyres as part of the original equipment package. One of the most important factors while considering the popularity of Nexen tyres is the affordability. In combination with the company’s dedication to building quality of each and every tyre makes it a safe buy whenever, wherever. You can buy Nexen tyres online.

The Right Tyre

Nexen’s obsession with quality control has made it the first choice of tyre for multiple car manufacturers. As they are known for the consistency in production combined with the state of the art manufacturing plant Nexen is the obvious choice for a car tyre. In terms of performance, their car tyres are fixed at average but are more than capable of functioning under strenuous conditions.

The Nexen Guarantee

Throughout the tyre industry, Nexen’s warranty on products is unparalleled. They provide a customer with thirty-six-month road side assistance as part of the package. Each and every model of the tyre has a tread wear mileage warranty. This differs amongst all models but covers a longer duration than any other competitor’s product. The road hazard warranty leaves you worry-free in case of damage caused by debris or nails. This helps to add confidence in the tyres and make more of the buy.

Nexen Performance

Ranging from original equipment to high performance the tires can be fitted with a range of different vehicles. The goal of the tyres is to keep you glued to the road without dropping in performance. While Nexen tyres are not exactly the first preference for a performance tyre, they do give a reliable performance when fitted with passenger cars.

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