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Tractor tyres

Tractor tyres have to be sourced from specific suppliers. Some tyre shops do have a system in place to order tyres for agricultural equipment. If you live in a locale with heavy tractor traffic, then there might be a tractor specific repair shop near you.

There are two tyre sizes on a tractor. The front tyre is small in size, narrow, and seems to be way lighter than the rear tyre. The small size makes the tyre light, so it doesn’t sink into the ground. The narrow width gives the tractor a smaller turning radius. The rear tyre is large, so there is more power transmission on low rpm. The wide tyre is so there is more surface area to grip. The width also reduces the chances of the tractor sinking into the ground.

Where to Buy Tractor Tyres?

Agricultural tyres and tractor tyres can be sourced and bought online. Searching online lets, you go through a wide range of products to find the one suited for you. It is also cost effective as you don’t have to go to a store to see the inventory.

Tyre shops can order tyres for agricultural equipment. Certain suppliers can be contacted directly for a new set of tyres. Tractor tyres online can have more information present to help you better understand the functionality and limitations.


A tractor tyre price depends on the make and model of the tyre you want to buy. In the case of a tractor, the front and rear tyres are sold separately and at different prices. Cheap tractor tyres prices can be found after some researching. Lesser known companies can be making the same product cheaper.

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