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At, you can compare tyres and find the most favorable prices

Would you rely on shoes with worn out soles? Probably not – and the same applies for cars. Figuratively speaking, tyres are the shoe soles of a car. If you consider that these “soles” only contact a portion of the road that is the size of a postcard, for driving safety, driving comfort, and fuel efficiency, it is highly important to select the best tyre models for a vehicle. However, online offers are large and can be overwhelming. Nevertheless, in order to find the right tyres, you can compare both products and prices at

Various ways of finding suitable tyres

For the purpose of finding high-quality and affordable tyres, online comparison portals offer diverse search and filter options. At, various aspects can be used to compare tyres:

• Tyre dimensions/tyre size

• Type of application (winter, summer, or all season)

• Manufacturer (Continental,Bridgestone, Dunlop, Michelin,Pirelli, Goodyear and many others)

• Tyre index (load capacity and speed rating)

• Classification according to EU tyre label (fuel efficiency, wet grip, rolling noise)

• Price range

You can also specifically search for the offers of a given tyre shop/tyre dealer. In order to find affordable tyres, all it takes is the click of a mouse to be directed to the most reasonable provider.

Independent tests help when purchasing tyres

When searching for tyres, it is important to know theallowable tyre dimensions. These can be found in Part 1 of the registration certificate (vehicle registration). It should also be clear whether winter or summer tyres are required. The deciding criteria for purchasing tyres is generally tyre quality and price. When buying new tyres, it is not only the price but also the performance values of a certain tyre that are important. The independent tyre tests leading testing organizationscan provide very good information. At, you will find all leaders of current and previous tyre tests. In this way, you can find tyre model that meets your individual requirements in terms of price and performance.

Purchasing new tyres on time

Since 2010, cars may only be driven if they have weather-friendly tyres (according to situational winter tyre regulations). Those who are caught driving in wintry road conditions without M+S tyres must reckon with fines and demerit points. In case of collisions caused by improper tyres, you may lose even your driver's license and insurance coverage. If your the depth of your tread is too low (less than1.6 mm), you may also be faced with fines. Experts from the ADAC, TÜV, and GTÜ warn against approaching too close to this limit because the traction is significantly lowered, and the risk of aquaplaning increases. Tyres should also not be older than eight years. Car owners should therefore purchase new years in time. If you use to compare products and prices, you can quickly find the right model and can potentially save a lot of money. wishes you every success when comparing prices!


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