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Mud terrain tyres

Mud terrain tyres are wider than normal off-road tyres. The added width makes sure the car doesn’t sink into the soft mud. Mud terrain tyres are made of softer rubber so they can spread to cover a larger area. The more is tyre covers, the less pressure it is putting on the ground below it.

Mud terrain tyres have wide sipe system. The wide sipe press out the mud as the wheel is turning. In case a car hydroplanes what happens is that the traction gets lost because water comes in the way f the road and tyre. With mud, the problem is it sticks to the tyres. As it sticks, the tyre loses traction, and power transmission is reduced greatly.

The best mud terrain tyres are wide. They have a large central spine with wide sipes to repel mud. The rubber is soft, so the tyre and grip the maximum amount of ground. The sidewalls protect the rim and provide added flexibility to the tyre.

Where to Buy?

The best place to buy mud terrain tyres is online. The purchase doesn’t have to be online, but the researching and sourcing do. There are numerous small-scale producers that make tyres which perform at the desired level with a lower cost.

Other options include going to a large retail store or a car tyre shop. Some manufacturers have a dealer locator on their website which you can use to find the nearest tyre set to you.


Mud terrain tyres price depends on the make and model of the tyre you wish to have.

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