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Michelin ANAKEE 3 Tyres

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Michelin Anakee 3 Tyre

The Michelin Anakee 3 has huge shoes to fill because the replacement of the extremely Anakee 2. The Anakakee 3’s strong suit is made-up surfaces. It provides one of the most effective wet grips of all dual sport tyres, but this tends to diminish somewhat once it gets near to the end of its life time (more than tyres in the same class) because of the noticeable square way in which it wears (more than average). It is a surprisingly round formed tyre for the dual sport market. It ought to last you close up to 20 000kms and overall is a confidence inspiring tyre in all road. It's ready to handle pavements and hard gravel and compares with the Pirelli Scorpion trail two, Continental trail Attack 2, Bridgestone A40 and Metzeler Tourance Next.

A few words about brand

A leader within the producing of reliable performance tyres, Michelin has been gift in South Africa since 1943 in numerous forms and structures. but Michelin Tyre Company South Africa – as we all know it nowadays - formally started commerce regionally in 1998 that created 2008 a key year as we tend to celebrated our 10-year anniversary. Throughout the years, the growth has accelerated across all Michelin product ranges: passenger vehicles, Trucks, Earthmover machinery, Infra, Agricultural vehicles and 2-Wheel motorbikes. This can be largely because of the technological leadership of our merchandise that are unanimously recognized in South Africa and across the rest of the planet. The eagerness and commitment shown by Michelin workers has conjointly set USA apart.

Key features and benefits

  • Performance that lasts mile once mile with a new silicon oxide tread compound yields even additional mileage compared to Michelin Anakee® a pair of tyres
  • Innovative tread pattern inhibits irregular wear patterns, whereas evacuating water, dirt and mud
  • Transverse grooves with efficiency evacuate water for dependable wet-weather grip
  • Beveled lateral grooves facilitate shed mud and gravel once riding off-road
  • Enhanced ride qualities and tyre architecture designed for simple manoeuvrability and precise handling
  • Amazing stability and rider feedback, due to a new high-rigidity casing
  • Indented tread grooves facilitate to provide consistent lateral grip at the same time as the tyre wears
  • Excellent wet traction and an innovative silicon oxide tread compounds provide the most effective balance between grip and durability
  • Distinctive tread pattern pulls water off from the contact patch
  • Excellent stability and rider feedback, because of a new high-rigidity casing
  • New oxide tread compound yields even additional mileage compared to MICHELIN® Anakee® 2 tyres

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