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Federal 595 RS-R Tyres

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Federal 595 RS-R

A Fantastic Summer Tire for Summer Drives


The Federal 595 RS-R is the latest in modern summer tire technology.  These great Track Day and Competition summer tires are made to be fitted on passenger cars. They are designed to have a wide application to a wide variety of performance vehicles. This state of the art design makes this tire an obvious choice for your car in the summer. 


Innovations Add to Stability


This sleek and classy design has proven to be able to perform under many weather and road conditions.  This is caused by the tire's evenly dispersed block stiffness, uni-directional V-shaped groove and wide angle grooves that increase the performance of the tires.  Whether the road is wet or dry this tire will maintain its grip on the road and will continue to have superb braking ability. The tire will also be able to maintain its road feedback under any weather conditions. 


Safe and Comfortable Ride


Not only do these tires maintain a high level of safety, their cutting-edge design combats the wear that occur to other tires.  These tires will last much longer than other competing summer racing tires.  Not only are these tires safe and long lasting, they also provide a high level of comfort when you drive during the summer months.  For a smooth, quiet and comfortable drive, choose the Federal 595 RS-R for your summer drives.

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