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Established in 2004, they produced their first high performance tyre in 2006. They have an annual output of six million a year.

Passenger cars and minivan tyres

•    SP601 tyres –reduced noise, enhanced grip and traction, less risk of aquaplaning
•    S-1200 tyres –improved stability, reduced tyre noise, lower rolling resistance for better fuel economy
•    S-1015 tyres –wear resistance for for longer tyre noise, improved grip on both dry and mud
•    S-1010 tyres –all season, wear resistance, noise reduced
•    AP028 tyres –improved grip on both dry and wet, quiet ride, good water drainage for less aquaplaning
•    S-1023 tyres –low rolling resistance for better fuel economy

UHP tyres

•    S-1097 tyres –improved steering response and resistance to aquaplaning
•    S-1088 tyres –enhanced stability, reduced noise levels
•    S-1063 tyres –improved stability and  cornering, reduced risk to aquaplaning

Crossover and SUV tyres

•    S-2088 tyres –improved  steering, braking, traction on wet, dry, and snowy roads
•    S-2082 tyres -improved stability and cornering, resistance to aquaplaning
•    S-1606 tyres –improved steering, traction, and braking for wet, dry, and snowy conditions
•    S-2068 tyres –reduced noise level, better steering, braking, traction in snowy, wet, dry conditions
•    S-1608 tyres –improved braking, traction, steering, and noise reduction, wear resistance

Light truck tyres

•    S-1608 tyres –designed specifically light trucks and microbuses, better braking and cornering, reduced noise level
•    S-2055 tyres –reduced tyre wear, lower risk of aquaplaning, lower noise
•    S-2042 tyres –lower noise levels, reduced wear, improved cornering response

Special tyres

•    S-2090 tyres –reduced rolling resistance for better fuel economy, better grip and traction in snow
•    S-1086 tyres –improved grip and traction in snow, better fuel economy
They also offer run flat technology tyres as well as truck and bus tyres.


Wanli Tyres

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