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Meteor tyres offers both safety and reliability for a very affordable price.  They offer tyres suitable to every car

Car tyres

•    CRUISER tyres –ideal for compact and medium cars, reduced risk of aquaplaning, lower noise levels for quieter ride, good grip on both dry and wet surfaces
•    HP Sport tyres –specifically designed for high performance segment, provides good grip on both wet and dry surfaces, quieter ride, good fuel economy
•    Meteor VAN tyres –designed specifically for heavy duty work, enhanced grip in wet conditions, good fuel economy
•    Meteor WINTER tyres – this special winter tread provides maximum grip on snow, but also on extremely wet road surfaces, shorter braking distance in the winter
•    Winter IS21 tyres –commercial vehicle use, good fuel economy, grip in wet snowy conditions, shorter braking distances on snowy slushy wet roads, reduced noise level for quieter ride
•    Sport HP IS11 XL tyres -ensures ground contact is maintained under all conditions, performs well under extreme conditions

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