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Landsail has over 80 years of experience in the tyre business they offer a range of tyres for passenger cars, SUVs, vans, run on flat tyres, as well as winter tyres.

•    LS588 tyres –designed for high performance driving, offers a balance of fuel efficiency, all weather grip and low noise, resistance to aquaplaning
•    LSV88 tyres –provides traction in most demanding conditions, long tread wear, improved handling and braking on wet surfaces
•    LS388 tyres –for passenger cars fuel efficient, enhanced wet weather grip, noise reduction
•    CLV1 tyres –enhanced stability and traction, efficient, stability, noise reduction
•    CLV2 tyres –all weather grip, enhanced cornering and stability, smooth ride in all weather conditions
•    WINTER LANDER tyres –snow tyre with enhance grip, traction, and handling
•    WINTER STAR tyres –specifically designed for SUVs and 4X4s, improved traction braking and grip, resistant to aquaplaning
•    LS288 tyres –for small to medium passenger cars suited to urban driving giving traction, resistance to aquaplaning, and noise reduction
•    SNOW STAR tyres –durability and performance, better grip and steering, noise reduction, and resistance to aquaplaning
•    LS988 tyres –for passenger cars, good grip in wet and dry conditions and cornering, water channeling reduces aquaplaning
•    LS188+ tyres -for small passenger cars gives smooth handling, better control on wet and dry surfaces, improves resistance to aquaplaning, better stability, cornering and control

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