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Kenda tyres

Kenda tyres were found in 1962 in Taiwan to produce bicycle tyres. Working from a small start, the company has grown into a global manufacturer of tyre making tyres for bicycles, cars, power sports, speciality tyres, and wheelchairs. Even though they have entered the automotive tyre market their main area of focus remains to be bikes followed by tyres of smaller sizes – such as golf carts, ATVs, and wheelchairs.

Small and light

Kenda takes it design theory for bicycles and applies it to all its products. Just like bicycle tyres, their power sports tyre is made to be light in weight, and one of the ways to accomplish that is finding the right size. Kenda’s SUV tyre may feel like they have a narrow side wall but the width varies according to function, and in this case, it is a tough all season tyre. The tyre is made for use on the road, and the tread is laid out to provide a comfortable ride.

What is Kenda best for?

Kenda offers the best solution for bicycle tyre replacement. Their ranges of tyres are able to traverse every terrain. Besides that, the models can be activity specific. All the tyres are meant to do a specific job, and this tailor-made attribute makes it a no-nonsense choice of tyre. The features on the tyres are divided into three categories. The first is a speed centered design, followed by a grip focus design, and lastly, puncture protection. Kenda tyre prices depend on what tyre you wish to purchase and to buy Kenda tyres use their site to locate a shop near you.

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