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Cooper Zeon CS6

Adapting to a tyre does not make any sense. What you need it is a game that suits the particular needs that both your car and your driving style required.
Cooper Zeon CS6 tyres are designed of the tread with an asymmetrical "nerve". They produce very low noise while driving and having outstanding water evacuation capability.
The Cooper Zeon CS6 are built with silica compound in the tread that allows them to develop better maneuverability and grip when braking on wet, as much as 12% more durability.
New silica compound for tread enables these tyres for better handling and traction in wet braking. Tread up to 12% more wear resistant than its predecessor.
Improved tyre construction and are lighter than its precursor.
These tyres help in preventing damage to alloy wheels caused by curbs and are available in rim diameters from 15 "to 18". Speed ranges V, W and Y.

General Features of Cooper Zeon CS6
• Better grip and durability
• Low noise output
• Lower rolling resistance
• Silica compound
• Longevity
• Fuel economy
• Absorption of irregularities
• Stability
• Road noise

• Braking on dry soil
• Braking in wet conditions
• Stability in wet conditions
• Aquaplaning

• Braking on snow
• Acceleration on snow

• Braking on ice
• Ice acceleration

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