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245/40 R18 Tyres

Nokian WR A3, Continental Winter Contact TS 830 P and Michelin Pilot Super Sport are all 245/40/18 sized tyres with a firm and strong grip to steer. The first two tyres are Ultra high performance winter tyres whereas the third one is a max performance summer tyre. The Nokian WR A3 is a tyre having 93% dry grip and 91% wet grip with wear and comfort of 93%. It has progressiveness of 88 %. The second tyre, having an average review of 90% over a driving distance of 128,150 miles. It has a dry grip of 88 % and a superb wet grip of about 95%. Its progressiveness is 85% to 91% comfort. The third tyre as an amazing dry grip of 97% and a wet grip of 90%, having a progressiveness of 88% it has comfort and wear of 85 %. This tyre is comfortable, quiet and long lasting.

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