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Michelin Alpin A3 Winter tyres for cars

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Michelin Alpin A3

Exceptional Wintry Tires For Your Winter Drives


The Michelin Alpin A3 are high quality and high performance tires that are designed to be used during the winter by your high performance sports cars, sedans or coupes.  These tires are an innovation in tire technology.  They are a blend of black carbon and sunflower oil enriched Helio Compound that is used to increase the grip and handling of your car.  No matter what the road conditions are, these tires will maintain a high level of grip and handling on the road. 


Good in All Wintry Road Conditions


Whether the road is dry, wet or wintry these tires will not lose their high level of performance because of their bi-directional fins.  Not only are they safe they are also able to provide a high level of comfort while driving.  These tires provide a smooth and stable ride while driving during the wintry months and are able to reduce the sound normally produced by tires while driving.  So for a smooth and safe drive during the winter, choose the Michelin Alpin A3 tires.

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