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Nankang tyres

Nankang tyres is a Taiwanese based tyre manufacturer that try to exceed today’s tyres to meet and surpass customer requirements. They produce tyres for competition purposes, light trucks, SUVs, and passenger cars. The combination of performance and passenger tyres leads to a culmination of manufacturing techniques. The incorporation of techniques is apparent on their passenger car tyres as they provide a comfortable grip and a quiet drive.

Driving you further

Nankang tyres want to be inclusive of their customers. One way of doing so involves the customer more and doing so they have a tyre registration page. Tyre registration makes it easy to recall defective products and make replacement orders easier. Companies only take such steps when quality assurance is a top priority. Nankang wants to inspire a level of confidence in their consumer base and is more than responsive to customer queries.

Performance delivered

Nankang tyres like to boast the performance of its performance tyres. It is evident from the construction of the tyre that it is race ready. Instead of a single central spine, the tyre has a large central spine to add rigidity to the tyre to reduce bounce while near the edge the tyre is soft enough to allow for nimble manoeuvring. The deep sipe system aids to repel water to prevent skidding. The use of soft to medium rubber composites make for a firm yet flexible tyre which can handle high speeds on asphalt with ease. To buy Nankang tyres use the dealer locator on their site.

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