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Mitas tyres

Mitas tyres manufacture tyres for tractors, agricultural vehicles, motorcycles, and bicycles. This unusual assortment of vehicles makes one thing evident that the can handle different conditions with ease – if the right model is purchased of course. The main source of revenue for the company comes from the sale of tyres for agricultural and industrial purposes.

The mighty Mitas

As mentioned before the main source of revenue for the company is through the sale of industrial tyres. For tyres deemed fit for earth, movers have to undergo strenuous testing and development. The tyres often have steel belts placed on the inside of the tyre to prevent it from deforming. The sidewalls are reinforced, and the tyre is actually built up in layers to allow for better puncture protection. One of the biggest hurdles for industrial tyres is the right balance of speed, grip, and function. Mitas lands the head on the nail every time as their tyres perform superbly under harsh and often unforgiving conditions.

Translating big to small

With their extensive experience with large machines, their bike and bicycle tyres bask in the glory of impressive construction. Mitas tyres understand the weight division and limitations of vehicles with two tyres. The tyres can traverse a range of conditions with a secure grip on the ground below. The motorcycle tyres and bicycle tyres use the same layering technique as the tractor tyres to offer better puncture resist which in case of two wheeled transport means better safety. To buy Mitas tyres use the dealer locator on their site to find the nearest wholesaler.

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