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Hifly tyres

Hifly tyres is a product tyre line for Unicorn Tyre Corp. the company deals with the import and export of car and light truck tyres. Using their own knowledge of tyre they have crafted a line of tyres that are meant to be affordable while providing the right performance. They have a small and humble collection of tyres for sale and to buy Hifly tyres just use their site.

Doing just a little

Hi-Fly tyres manufacture models for all season use, all terrain use, and a single winter tyre model. The off road tyres are made to provide outstanding performance both on and off the road. The other variant of the all-terrain tyre does the same while having a higher threshold for absorbing damage. The performance of the tyres is modest at best which is not a concern as they are made to be an inexpensive option for tyre replacement.

Winter winner

For an affordably priced product the rules of engagement don’t change, and when the product in question affects the performance of a car, it is open to scrutiny. The Hifly winter tyre is designed to have a consistent grip on dry and wet conditions. An important thing to keep in mind is that winter tyres can be used in light snow and the Hifly delivers. With a well thought out and laid sipe system the tyre makes it impossible for water to lock between the tyre and road surface reducing the likelihood of skidding. The tyre is also made to radiate heat as soon as it warms up. This makes the traction loss unlikely.


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