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Goodride tyres

Goodride tyres is a China-based tyre manufacturer that started in 1958. Currently, they are the country’s number one tyre manufacturer. The tyres they make can be fitted with cars, SUVs, light trucks, trucks, buses, off road tyres, and agriculture vehicles. In 2015 they were the world’s tenth largest tyre manufacturer.

Making for a larger market

Goodride tyres provide car owners with a cheaper solution to tyre needs. With the company pouring investment to compete against other manufacturers the results are slowly becoming apparent. Goodride is expanding its manufacturing bases while simultaneously advancing the production facility in terms of equipment and methods. The strict quality inspection in combination with research and development means they can keep pace with global competitors. The fact that all of this is happening at one time shows that the company is trying to raise the bar of what makes a good tyre, especially in the Asian market.

Goodride tyre lines

Goodride has created a tyre for every case scenario the vehicles will face. From all season tyres to off road and winter tyres. As the tyres are made for use with a different set of roads the tyre’s ride comfort level is mildly average. The focus on safety is quite noticeable, and the tyres allow for a slightly shorter stopping distance. In a high-velocity setting, just the reduction of a few inches in the stopping distance can make a life or death difference. Goodride tyre prices vary and depend on the make and model of the tyre as well as the vehicle they are going on.

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