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General tyres makes rubber smarter

In the world of tyres, General tyres need no introduction. The company has been around since 1915, and even through the difficult business atmosphere of World War One, it emerged triumphantly. General tyres have created a line of tyres that are suited for use with a vast array of vehicles. The range of conditions through which these tyres can operate is limited by imagination only.

Alongside the leading names of the tyre world, General has entered the green arms race. The goal of the race is to make an environmentally friendly product both in terms of materials and method of manufacture. One of the ways to go about this is the use of silica, as it helps to improve the friction between tyre and road. Silica helps to reduce the rolling resistance to help move a car faster. Now besides the material choice tyre construction plays a major role. General implements the use of advance contour technology meaning more of the tyre is involved in gripping the road.

Buying General Tyres

General tyres aim to be a mass consumer product manufacturer. To fulfil the requirement, their tyre lines cater to vehicles from cars, vans, SUV / CUVs, light trucks, and commercial vehicles. The tyres they make can be summer / winter, all terrain, all season, performance, snow, and touring tyres. Since the product range is so vast, the price range must be so. General produce tyres with different prices to allow for more users to purchase and for this reason the General tyres prices depends on the make and model of the tyre you wish to purchase.

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