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Achilles tyres is the great combination of functions

Achilles tyres is a company that throughout their history has been adding and innovating with their tyres. From humble beginnings through collaboration with other brands like Pirelli and Continental tyres they have amassed a collection of road ready consumer tyres. The focus of the company is to provide a long term solution to tyre needs. The products are marketed as being long-lasting while providing the utmost comfort on the road.

As with all tyres, the most noticeable component is the tread. Achilles tyre is no stranger to this, with tyres that can be fitted on cars, vans, SUVs, and light commercial trucks the road is its domain. The tyres don’t crave the spotlight and are focused on the job. Even though their collection of tyres isn’t huge, they are very functional.

Going the distance

The ranges of conditions these tyres can traverse are all season tyres, performance, and efficiency based on cars, vans, and SUVs. The all-terrain, all season and winter variety for SUVs and light trucks. Achilles tries to cater to every road requirement. The winter tyres, however, are made for road use and are ineffective off the asphalt.

Made for cars

The most dominant feature of their car tyre series would be the stability and comfort. The spine of the tyre distributes the weight evenly and keeps it so when the car is turning. The system allows the tyres to effectively repel water to reduce the chances of hydroplaning. The safety in combination with the grip makes it a superb buy for a car. To buy Achilles tyres use their site to find the nearest shop.

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