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Accelera tyres

Accelera tyres are high-performance tyres that bench elegance and safety as their main selling point. The company strives to create the smarter performance tyre that has a better safety standing while providing the same level or higher level of performance. Currently, they manufacture tyres for cars and SUVs only.

Accelera tyres for cars

All car tyre models are designed for the maximum output and effortless performance. The tyres are available in winter, all season, touring, and run flat versions. The tyres just want to get where you want to go faster than you probably could drive there. The tyres ache for the open road, and it is evident in the construction. Every single cut and depression in the tyre is made to glue the car to the road without ever letting go of the grip.

Accelera tyres for SUV’s

As always the main priority is performance, but this doesn’t mean that safety and comfort are not taken into account. The tyres are available in all-season and all terrain versions. Each and every tyre has a different spine and treads system to cater to different needs while most importantly giving the best grip possible. To buy Accelera tyres use the dealer locator on their website.

Why accelera?

Creating a performance tyre is hard work and getting each and every component right down to the dot is a hard task. As they have accomplished the said task, they feel comfortable sharing that with the customer. From the silica components to the high-density steel belts, triple layer tread, and rim guard to name a few.

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