Long Car Ride: Trip Checklist

Traveling alone can be dangerous

Driving alone is blissful at a time when you are on a short travel. But the things can turn hostile when you are on a long drive and something unpleasant happens. In such situations, you need someone to be with you. So do not take any risk on long drives and make your travel safer and enjoyable. Take your family or friends with you. Great companions can your riding experience richer and fruitful. But keep one thing in mind: keeping more people than the capacity of your vehicle can be annoying for you and the people sitting with you. Seating three people in the back seat of your car can create discomfort for them and you as well. So keep only that number of people with you that enhances the comfort level of your travel. Also, make sure that you must keep those people with you who can drive when you are Tyred.

Taking rest is necessary

Before leaving, you need to define the limit of your driving. Decide the places where you can rest for a while and refresh yourself to drive again. These decisions can be spontaneous as well when you see a nice place on the way and want to stay there for a while.

Learn the navigation techniques

There are a lot of options of navigation on your phone or car-kit to get accurate GPS navigation system. But make sure that your mobile battery is full when you leave and you have other alternates when the battery dies. A travel guide will also be a good option in such cases if you are visiting multiple countries in your car.

Road map in print form

Printed road trip map is a must. A good road map is a like guiding star. Mobile can break down on the way but road trip map will a trusted companion to guide you.

Have a peaceful night stay

Plan where you can stay when night falls on the way. It can be a hotel, inn, motel or a hostel where you can park your car and take rest for the rest of night. It is up to you where you can stay according to budget constraints. Some of the travelers decide to take rest in the back seat of their car but it may cause unrest as the car size is too small.

Car engine should be checked 

Every part of your car should be in excellent condition when you leave on a long drive. Engine, tyres, rims, brakes, lights, gears, and everything should be up to mark. Fixing the enTyre engine is the basic thing you need to focus. Check all the buttons on the dashboard to make sure that they are working. All indicators should be fine and make sure that the headlights, interior lights, and the horn is perfect. You should know how to change the bulb if it stops working on the way. Transmission fluid, windscreen pipers, brakes, oil, and antifreeze need to be perfect before you leave. If air-conditioning, diesel/gas, the heating system is in a good position, you are ready to go.

Brakes should be fine

Brakes are one of the most important things to check before going on a long route. They need to be checked before you set on a journey. You must know how to handle if there is any brake failure.

Tyres need desired pressure

Tyres are of supreme importance and you should make sure that Tyre pressure is matching the specs given in your manual. Check the tread and if it is low, you need to buy it before driving. Tyres inflated more than need are as dangerous as low-inflated Tyres are. If you are driving in a country where you have to replace Tyres according to summer and winter season, it is extremely important to keep a grip on the roads with snow, rain, and mud. Hitting the brakes on a snowy surface at 50km/hour, winter Tyres will take 30 meters to stop but summer Tyres will take 60 meters to stop. Hell of difference! You need to know the road conditions and Tyre obligations of the country you are driving in. For example, if you are driving in Germany in winter and not having winter Tyres, you will be penalized.

Remember to get a tool-kit

Before leaving, make sure that you are having tool-kit to ensure that you are ready to face any emergency on the way. Any breakdown during driving can be a nightmare without tool-kit. So never forget to take it with you on long drives.

First aid box is necessary

First aid box is as important in case of any mishap on the way. First aid box should have medical and all emergency assistance stuff in it.

Emergency numbers’ list

Emergency numbers are a must while on a long drive. Anything uncertainty can happen anywhere and get stuck in a situation like heavy snow or rain can be risky. And if you do not have an emergency number in your car, it can take a heavy toll. So make sure you are having it before setting on your journey. Also, you need to ensure that your insurance policy includes roadside recovery and it must have travel insurance. This is the best way to stay safe while driving.

Clothes and blanket

You must have clothes according to the season and also the blanket if it is winter season. Getting the clothes wet in the rain shower in the winter can be harmful to you. An extra dress can save you from snow, rain, and other uncertain conditions. Also, a blanket is the main need when the winter season is at its peak.

Food and water

Take some dry and imperishable food items along with water with you in case of an emergency. It has been observed that the travelers on the way during the rainy or snowy season had to suffer because of hunger and thirst and the stories are horrible indeed. So it will be wise to keep extra food with you.

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